The Big Sleep

by Olive Drab

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thank you mttwrck, abby trunfio (vocals on track 3), spencer radcliffe, alex stackhouse (guitar on track 2), christopher thomas, kyle schwander, and the residents of tj's house (toby's purgatory). this was produced over a very long time in a few different countries and several different houses mostly by scotty and occasionally by reid.

reid - guitar vocals keyboards
scotty - guitar vocals bass
ben - drums


released March 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Olive Drab Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Go Home
when i go home i know the things that wait for me my dog a room where i can never seem to sleep a few drinks a family and i'll wait for the new year to come to be where i wanna be with you when the sun hits my sheets you're so cool
Track Name: Falling (For You)
i felt so bad it was all my fault your hair your face i watched you fall lying on your back you looked like the only one windy nothing brush your blackened palms i've been so sick since i watched you fall i know by the way that you look at me that you don't wanna let me go my head is a tooth in a soda my brain is falling all apart my body's finally buried over i can't sleep since i watched you fall
Track Name: Hair-Dye
i woke up early a thought i'm ignoring ate me i closed my eyes for a minute twenty thirty i packed up boxes the wood peels under my feet i had a good idea but i forgot it ripped up the carpet i lay in your clothes to sleep i barely know you but i'd like to get to i can't do anything right
Track Name: King of Cancer
big man's got a broken back panflute of poppers yeah he fell off of the flag big man's got a broken heart bottle of poison got it on a credit card big man's feelin' pretty mad got a boss and hates him yeah he's feeling mad big man's got a broken neck ties his knot so gently says i don't wanna live
Track Name: Scrub
can we sleep forever holding each other i'll never let you down again can we drive for hours i wanna go somewhere i'll take you to my old house where i grew up and i became this excellent nice young boy i am
Track Name: Caterpillar
in my old house in my old room through the view of my window i saw you throwing up hands and knees sunken in mud i saw you lying down covered you in a black shroud i ran an icy bath my body's burning wrath walked in with my back bent i could not speak so i said i was sleeping when i saw you i changed my mind
Track Name: Do Better
didn't mean to disappoint you trying to do better
Track Name: Lightning
i've said so many dumb things in my life i shouldn't receive the luxury of free time alright i'm always spending what is not mine say that i'll do it but never even try to do the right things to get by and when i see you i won't let you go oh no oh no you mean so much to me that i don't wanna say that i hope that i'm struck by lightning